Hello We're Not Enemies

by Novanta

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Recorded between may 2015 and march 2016.
Mastering by Alain Paul.
Artwork by Federico Lupo.

Track 1: music by Novanta.
Track 2: music by Novanta, Giuseppe Musto, Raniero Federico Neri; lyrics and vocals by Raniero Federico Neri; drums by Giuseppe Musto.
Track 3: music by Novanta and Claudio Cataldi; lyrics, vocals and guitar by Claudio Cataldi.
Track 4: music by Novanta and Fabrizio De Felice; lyrics, synth, drum machine and vocals by Fabrizio De Felice.
Track 5: music by Novanta.
Track 6: music by Novanta and Ian Bonnar; lyrics and vocals by Ian Bonnar.
Track 7: music by Novanta and Giampiero Riggio; lyrics and vocals by Giampiero Riggio.

Novanta is Manfredi Lamartina.

Two years after “Best-Selling Dreams” gained excellent reviews from around the world, the new album by Novanta is due for release on the 17th of June. Novanta is Manfredi Lamartina, a musician originally from Palermo who has been based in Milan now for many years. With “Hello We’re Not Enemies” Novanta further evolves his sound, falling effortlessly between shoegaze, post-rock and electronica. The core idea of the album is the importance of empathy – in a period where human relationships are often based on aggression and on a division between “us” and “them”, here we find, we’re not enemies. This album is also a little act of love towards Iceland, a country where Novanta spent time traveling last year.

Novanta wants to thank these awesome artists: Ian Bonnar (seashellrecords.bandcamp.com/album/between-the-surface-and-the-sun), Claudio Cataldi (claudiocataldi.bandcamp.com), Fabrizio De Felice (bialogard.bandcamp.com), Giuseppe Musto (ilragazzodel99.bandcamp.com/releases), Raniero Federico Neri (soundcloud.com/vfor-a-v-word/sets/albedo-metropolis), Giampiero Riggio (haashaas.tumblr.com).

Thanks for listening.


released June 17, 2016

"Il progetto di Manfredi Lamartina si pone un unico risultato: offrire qualcosa che venga dal cuore, dallo stomaco, con l’urgenza di offrire un acquerello di colori freddi, ma delicati. Questo non è il solito disco di shoegaze o indie, questo è un lavoro che deve essere affrontato con pazienza e voglia di abbandonarsi" (Shoegazin' Your Waves, Italy)

"Sonder is a dark, swirling mix of shoegaze, post-punk and synthwave. Goðafoss, taking its name from the Icelandic waterfall, starts with a basis in 1990s-style indie-rock and adds Sigur Rós-ish atmospherics in further reference to Iceland. Mike is an excellent collaboration with Claudio Cataldi, in which early 90s lo-fi indie-rock meets vast, shimmering dreampop. Tell a Story is inventive experimental pop, combining the ethereal wall of sound approach of dreampop with floating, soaring vocals and nicely off-centre electronics. Akureyri, the second track here to take its name from a place in Iceland, is an innovative instrumental piece incorporating elements of neoclassical, film soundtrack, glitchy DIY electronica, and dreampop. Blue Lagoon, featuring Ian Bonnar, is an expansive and atmospheric track from the darker side of dreampop, which would fit right in on the Projekt or Silber labels. Melted Eyes is an original interpretation of dreampop, starting as a laid-back and ethereal piece based around drones, synths and piano, before bringing in a fizzing DIY disco-pop section that works surprisingly well in a dreampop context." (Bliss Aquamarine, UK)

"Mutevole e rigenerante" (Rockerilla, Italy)

""Hello, We Are Not Enemies" soa mais denso e soturno que seu antecessor, mas sempre com uma certa esperança pairando no decorrer de suas sete canções. Destaques imediatos para "Mike" com conexões claras ao Slowdive e também para Tell a Story, uma belíssimo exercício de auto contemplação sonora" (The Blog That Celebrates Itself, Brazil)

"Difficile trovare un difetto o una nota negativa a "We're not enemies", un lavoro che entra facilmente sotto pelle, l'ennesima conferma, dopo quattro dischi, che Novanta sa esattamente dove andare e come farlo, a suon di shoegaze o, come lo definisce l'artista stesso, creando ceiling-gazing songs." (Rockit)

"While the album bristles with a myriad of post-punk influences and well used instrumental cliches, Novanta transcends this to deliver an album that sounds fresh and original. This is a must have" (Floorshime Zipper Boots, UK)

"With Hello We’re Not Enemies, Novanta meld together post-punk, electro, shoegaze, darkwave and synth stylings to create a fusion album of spectacular depth, a reflection of their skill with the art of sound" (Primal Music, Ireland)

"Ascoltare Novanta equivale a compiere un viaggio in un oceano elettrico pieno di fulgore e magnificenza. Forse il segreto di questo artista è quello di disegnare dei “quadri sonori” di luce alquanto scintillante, quadri sonori che fanno tanto pensare a un quadro impressionista o ad un’opera di Van Gogh. Infatti, c’è anche tanto espressionismo nella musica di Novanta. [...]. Come non innamorarsi della musica di questo artista palermitano che sa fondere shoegaze, post rock ed elettronica in modo alquanto eccellente. La sua musica risulta anche tanto ambient e i suoi paesaggi sonori trasmettono sia delirio che tormento interiore oltre a tanta speranza." (System Failure, Italy)

"Such a beautiful and heartfelt chorus surrounded by meaty verses and a powerful and rhythmic intro that really just kicks into the whole thing. Bravo!" (Jammerzine's review of "Goðafoss", USA )




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Seashell Records Palermo, Italy

DIY label based in Palermo, Italy.
Handmade music.
Folk, psychedelic rock, alt-folk, wave, neo-folk, indie pop, folktronic, ambient, shoegaze released in limited edition cassettes.

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Track Name: Goðafoss
Se fossi Dio vi scaglierei una tempesta contro
Se fossi Dio potrei fare tutto questo e molto altro
Se solo fossi Dio
Ma questa umanità è impermeabile
Se fossi Dio vorrei rinascere tra i tuoi capelli sciolti
Se fossi Dio sarebbe stato tutto un po’ più bello
Se fossi Dio avrei cercato di tenerti stretta e di non farti piangere
Ma questa umanità è impermeabile
Track Name: Mike
Talk to me
I won't say a word
Through the dark I shall walk
I'm awake
I won't sleep no more
Through the ice
Let me fall

Let me fall

Through your eyes
I saw something new
And I shall wait at your door
I'll forget everything I know
Through your eyes
Let me fall

Let me fall
Track Name: Tell A Story
Tell a story that saves us from the drift
that talks like a thousand words
a thousand silences
our silence
Tell me about what we once feared
tell us what we dreamed
say the words, those loud words
Track Name: Blue Lagoon
Coal black eyes,
Bodies trace the sky.
Burning low, turned away
Changing shape inside...
Cold black eyes,
Haunt my dreams at night.
Drifting out, the darkest day
There is a light but it fades away.
So let this world turn black again
Don't let the hours burn down
To change, to save.
So let this world turn black again
Don't let the hours burn down
To change, to save
We fall away
Will the sun come round to break us.
So far away
And this light won't bring me home.
Falling away
Will the sun comes come round to break us.
So far away
And this light won't bring me home again.
Till we go crazy....
Track Name: Melted Eyes
Like preaching old songs
to throw stones
onto their faces

like stripping words
down to their meaning
to find nothing but dust

like taking off their clothes
and show their torn bodies
and show their torn stories

i would not worry

through your melted eyes
you’d see nothing but light